Pastor Gary Jackson

The Discipleship class is used to help young Christians grow by studying the doctrines of the Bible. This class meets in the Pastor's office.

Dr. Steve Fortosis

The Lighthouse class is a friendly class in which everyone participates in studying Scripture and applying it to life today. This class meets in the main church auditorium.

Sheri Tracy

The Hearts of Joy class helps everyone to have a heart-warming, life changing love for God's Word. This class is located in the Kitchen, inside the educational building.

Pastor Dan Jackson

The Christian Living class is geared for adults of all ages. It is a place where you can learn how to live your Christian life in a way that pleases the Lord. This class meets in room 101 of the education building.

Doris Swisher & Susie Powers

This is a class for the ladies where you can learn from God's Word on how to be a woman that makes a difference.

Bob Truitt

This class is geared for couples of all ages that enjoy learning about the Bible in an informal, open-discussion forum.

Wayne Chadwell

Jackie Lobdell

This is another class just for our ladies where they take a journey through the Bible, stopping to meet the women on the way.

Phil Thomas

This class is designed for adults of all ages, where you can enjoy a friendly and welcoming environment while learning God's Word.

Josh Sheffler

This class is designed for young adults where you can build a foundation for Godly living as you take on new challenges of life.

Aaron Nasworthy

This class is open for all who would love to learn how they can have victory over besetting sins in their life.

Pastor Eric Truitt

This class is designed for the older teenager who is looking for God's will as they prepare to transition into adult life.

Pastor Brandon Harris

This class is designed for new teenagers who are transitioning from childhood to teen life. This class gives opportunity for young people to learn how to shine their light in a dark world.

Tonia Spenard

This class is for children in 4th and 5th grade.

Alysia Losier

This class is for children in grades 1-3. They will learn a new truth from God's word each week.

Debra Fortosis

This class is for children in K-4 and K-5. This class is an opportunity to learn about Jesus at a very young age.

Kathie Jackson & Jill Thomas

This class if for primary aged children. Many will have the opportunity to learn about the Bible for the first time in their lives.

Diana Losier

The nursery is available during Sunday School so that parents can attend classes and have the opportunity to learn.